​Kataklysm releases first song from new album "Meditations"

The Canadian death metallers Kataklysm unveiled the first song from the forthcoming album "Meditations". The lyric video on the track "Guillotine" can be viewed above.

The vocalist Maurizio Iacono comments:

"This is a very personal album to me with old wounds being revisited – I felt a big urge to pour my soul into this release. The boys and I were isolated under the same roof during the writing process, just like we did in the early days...with no worries except having fun, being honest and delivering a serious album that represents us today but respects our past. Our new story is coming and we are eager to share it with you!"

Produced by the band's own guitarist J-F Dagenais and drummer Oli Beaudoin, the record was mixed by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Stone Sour). Mastering duties were handled by Paul Logus (Pantera).

The artwork was created by Ocvlta Designs by Surtsey, who also crafted the artwork for Kataklysm's previous record, "Of Ghosts And Gods". Follow the link to read our review of "Of Ghosts And Gods".

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"Meditations" marks the return to old work ethics. All four band members wrote and composed together under the same roof for the first time in over a decade and returned to the old days of songwriting efforts which saw the band's classics such as "Shadows & Dust", "Serenity In Fire" and "In The Arms Of Devastation" come to life. "Meditations" is out June 1st, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records.


  1. Guillotine
  2. Outsider
  3. The Last Breath I'll Take Is Yours
  4. Narcissist
  5. Born To Kill And Destined To Die
  6. In Limbic Resonance
  7. And Then I Saw Blood
  8. What Doesn't Break Doesn't Heal
  9. Bend The Arc, Cut The Cord
  10. Achilles Heel

"Meditations" cover


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