​History of Rock in 15 minutes

Ithaca Audio shared their latest video mashup, dedicated to the history of rock music. 15-minute video consists of musical clips and live footages. The History of Rock soundtrack was created as the huge mix of legendary rock hits. The selection includes 348 rock stars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs and 44 drummers.

"Thanks for the amazing response to the video, it’s really blown us away. Some people have made some really good points about the diversity of the acts involved and raised questions about what’s been included vs what hasn’t etc. There are tons of hugely influential artists and sub-genres that we haven’t included in this and our main aim was to create a mashup that was foremost entertaining to watch, contain it to around 15mins, for it to primarily work well musically and have examples of the evolution of mainstream rock over the decades rather than create a kind of definitive documentary of rock. It would have been great for us to start earlier on and explore more of the influence of the early pioneers before Elvis, which we picked mainly because musically it makes a great sounding intro with The Yardbirds," — Ithaca Audio commented.

This week, the new mashup has reached more than 700,000 views via YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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