​Gojira show in new video house in which band’s history began

The French metallers Gojira presented the music video "Low Lands", filmed for the song taken from the new album "Magma". The video shows the house in which the band’s members, brothers Duplantier, grew up.

The vocalist and guitarist Joe Duplantier comments: "We are releasing a new video for the song Low Lands. It is an intimate and poetic piece directed by our dear cousin and friend Alain Duplantier. One of the "characters" featured in this film is "Gayeres" the family house where Mario and I grew up. We jammed to our first songs, started Gojira, and recorded most of our albums there. Our sister Gabrielle also contributed to the making of this video. We want to thank all the wonderful people who worked hard to make this happen and all our fans for supporting us with so much passion and respect. We hope you'll enjoy the trip as much as we do."

Gojira’s sixth full-length record "Magma" was released on June 17 via Roadrunner Records. Noizr Zine’s extensive material about the band with the link to their latest album stream can be read here.


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