German black metal: Eïs "Über den Bannstein"

The German black metal band Eïs unveiled the track "Über den Bannstein". The song will be released on October 2 on the fourth album "Bannstein" via the independent record label Prophecy Productions.

According to the description, "Bannstein" is "an oppressive opus about man's fateful nature and the impossibility to overcome its latent doom". The album will be released in several versions: CD digisleeve, 180-gram black vinyl with gatefold (500 copies) and 2CD hard cover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) including a CD with 5 bonus tracks (500 copies). CD with bonus tracks was recorded with the musicians of The Vision Bleak, Vulture Industries, Lux Divina, Foscor, Grift, Istapp and Hel.


  1. Ein letztes Menetekel
  2. Im Noktuarium
  3. Über den Bannstein
  4. Fern von Jarichs Gärten
  5. Im Schoß der welken Blätter

Bonus CD (only incl. in book edition):

  1. Witnesses Of The Exodus
  2. Ein letztes Menetekel (vocally interpreted by Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen of Vulture Industries and Manuel Karakas)
  3. In The Noctuarium (vocally interpreted by Morax of Lux Divina and Fiar of Foscor)
  4. Over The Ban Stone (vocally interpreted by Fjalar of Istapp and Erik Gärdeförs of Grift)
  5. Fern von Jarichs Gärten (vocally interpreted by Skaldir of Hel)
  6. Im Schoß der welken Blätter (vocally interpreted by Schwadorf and Konstanz of The Vision Bleak)

"Bannstein" cover artwork

Eïs Bannstein


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