​Fans criticize new In Flames song "The Truth"

The Swedish metallers In Flames presented a new track from the upcoming twelfth album "Battles". The composition titled "The Truth" can be listened to above.

In comments to track’s stream on YouTube, the largest number of likes gained some statements of the users, mainly criticizing the new band’s release: "What am I listening to? Coldplay?", "Ok, they're definitely gone. Horrific vocals and weak instrumentals. School kids in the chorus (which was beyond bad btw) again", "RIP In Flames, you'll be missed".

One of the users, as opposed to the negative comments, stressed that "By far the worst thing about In Flames is their fan base" and "I've never seen a group of people so closed off to the idea of musicians doing what they want to do".

In contrast to "The Truth", the band’s first presented to the public track "The End" was called "pretty promising" by the fans.


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