Details of "Gutterdämmerung" silent movie feat. musicians from Slayer, Motörhead and others

At the end of 2015 — early 2016, there will be a premiere of "Gutterdämmerung" — a rock'n'roll concert film, created by the artist Björn Tagemose. "Gutterdämmerung" is an original show, much in the tradition of classic movies of 1920's Hollywood. But instead of a piano accompaniment, the well-known rockers will play during the film.

The project will involve the singer Grace Jones, punk-rocker Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins (Black Flag and Rollins Band), Slayer's vocalist and bassist Tom Araya, Motörhead's Lemmy and Eagles Of Death Metal's leader Jesse Hughes.

"It's the craziest fantastic story you'll ever seen," — Jesse Hughes says

In the nearest future, we will know the names of the other musicians involved in the show. At the "Gutterdämmerung" official website, there is a contest, in which you should guess the names of the remaining artists for winning tickets and exclusive merchandise. The exact date and location of the movie premiere are not yet known.

"A visceral gut punch of Rock'n'Roll" — Henry Rollins comments

Gutterdämmerung poster

Gutterdämmerung Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead

Gutterdämmerung Slayer Tom Araya

Gutterdämmerung Iggy Pop

Gutterdämmerung Jesse Hughes

Gutterdämmerung about

Gutterdämmerung Henry Rollins

Gutterdämmerung movie rock

Gutterdämmerung Grace Jones


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