​Cult Of Luna’s live video "Owlwood" available online

Indie Recordings shared a live video "Owlwood" of the Swedish post-hardcore band Cult Of Luna. The video was taken from the live album "Years in a Day", which will be released on April 21 in limited quantities on DVD with 2CD.

The 2-hour DVD will include footage taken during last year's concert of Cult Of Luna at "La Gaîté Lyrique" in Paris, featuring the video "Owlwood" presented above. 2 CDs will include videos from the band's performances at the Roadburn Festival in 2013 and 2016.


DVD: Live at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

  1. The Sweep
  2. Light Chaser
  3. Owlwood
  4. Echoes
  5. I: The Weapon
  6. Waiting For You
  7. Marching To The Heartbeats
  8. Finland
  9. Back To Chapel Town
  10. And With Her Came The Birds
  11. Thirtyfour
  12. Dim
  13. Dark City Dead Man

CD: Live At Roatburn 2013

  1. The One
  2. I: The Weapon
  3. Ghost Trail
  4. Finland
  5. Vicarious Redemption
  6. Owlwood
  7. In Awe Of

CD: "Somewhere Along The Highway" Live At Roadburn 2016

  1. Marching To The Heartbeats
  2. Finland
  3. Back To Chapel Town
  4. And With Her Came The Birds
  5. Thirtyfour
  6. Dim
  7. Dark City Dead Man

Cult Of Luna Years in a Day


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