Cannabis Corpse announce new album with "Chronic Breed" track release

The Americans Cannabis Corpse, whose lyrics are dedicated the cannabis and various metal cliches, unveiled the track "Chronic Breed". The song will appear on the band’s new album "Left Hand Pass", which will be released on September 8 via Season of Mist.

Cannabis Corpse’s frontman Landphil comments:

"At long last, Cannabis Corpse has come out of its weed induced slumber to bring all head bangers out there a new slab of brutal death metal. This time round, we decided to give our new guitarist Ray Suhy a lot more room to add his own unique flavour to the songwriting and riffs. We think what has come out is a fresh sound for Cannabis Corpse."

Guitarist Ray Suhy adds:

"The track 'Chronic Breed' was one of the last that we wrote for 'Left Hand Pass'. We changed this one a couple of times before we got it to flow the way that we wanted it. Hallhammer laid down some killer drum parts and Landphil's vocals are some of my favourite that he's ever done. There's lots of catchy and brutal moments on this record and 'Chronic Breed' is one of my top candidates!"

Cannabis Corpse’s currently latest LP "From Wisdom to Baked" came out in 2014. "Left Hand Pass" will be the first release for the guitarist Ray Suhy (Six Feet Under) in the band’s line-up.

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