​Baptism: lyric video "The Sacrament of Blood and Ash" premiere

A year after the fifth album announcement, the Finnish project Baptism presented the new song with the lyric video "The Sacrament of Blood and Ash". The track appears on the upcoming record "V: The Devil's Fire", which will be released on July 22 via Season of Mist, with which the band signed a contract last year.

The band’s leader Lord S previously commented on the forthcoming LP as follows:

"We will be coming back stronger than ever and we cannot wait to start a great fire to light the darkness with this record."

Baptism’s nearest concert dates:

June 17 — Finland, Tampere @ Tampere Metal Meeting 2016
July 1 — Czech Republic, Brno @ Hell Fast Attack festival
July 9 — Germany, Torgau @ In Flammen Open Air
August 18 — Germany, Bart @ Barther Metal Open Air

Preview photo by Roni Sahari / Kammio Visuals


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