Abbath live video performance at Tuska Open Air

The fan-filmed video footage of Abbath's debut show at the Tuska Open Air festival is posted online. The band performed the song "Warriors" on June 27 in Helsinki, Finland.

Abbath is the new project of Immortal's former leader Olve 'Abbath' Eikemo. This spring, the band signed a contact with the independent label Season of Mist, announced their debut album release in 2016. The group has also joined by bassist Tom Cato 'King' Visnes and drummer Baard 'Creature' Kolstad.

At the Tuska Open Air, there was a premiere of Abbath's new song "Fenrir Hunts". The rest tracks of their setlist were taken from albums of Immortal and I — Eikemo and Visnes joint project.


  1. Warriors (I cover)
  2. Battalions (I cover)
  3. Fenrir Hunts (new song)
  4. One By One (Immortal cover)
  5. Tyrants (Immortal cover)
  6. Cursed We Are (I cover)
  7. In My Kingdom Cold (Immortal cover)
  8. Hordes To War (Immortal cover)
  9. Withstand The Fall Of Time (Immortal cover)

Abbath's show dates:

September 4 — Switzerland @ Meh Suff Festival
September 5 — France @ Fall of Summer Festival
September 18 — London, UK @ The Forum
February 20 — Norway @ Blastfest

Photo by Wilfred Wessel


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