​Velikhan presents comic book style lyric video for new single "Yassa!"

The Kyiv-based death metal act Velikhan, which includes musicians from MegamasS, TOL, and Psionic Arc, unveiled the lyric video for the new single "Yassa!".

The song features the frontman of Odesa’s acts Septa and The Nietzsche Eugene Tymchyk. The video for "Yassa!", made in a comic book style, was created by Shah Talifta.

On November 16, Velikhan presented a full stream of its debut 4-track EP "Oh Lord!", which later was included in the short list of the Best Ukrainian Metal Act as "Best Metal Album". In addition to this category, the band was also nominated as "Best Metal Band", and therefore will perform at the upcoming award ceremony on December 23, together with 6 other candidates.

The newly formed act Velikhan features guitarist Alexei Sidorenko (MegamasS), bass player Sergei 'Knob' Lyubinsky (founder of TOL and Revet Sound studios), drummer Andrey Litvinenko (Psionic Arc) and participant of the show "The Voice of Ukraine" vocalist Nikita Obushenko.


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