​Sinoptik releases new album "Fields On Fire"

The Ukrainian rockers Sinoptik shared the full stream of their new album "Fields On Fire", which has been released today, on April 10.

"Fields On Fire" became the fourth full-length release in the band’s discography. Its recording, mixing, and mastering was handled by the frontman, vocalist and guitarist Dima Sinoptik.

In mid-March, the group presented the video for the album’s title track. In this video, according to Dima Sinoptik, the musicians "tried to show the conflict of external goodness and inner depravity, which people accept as a reality and norm".

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The album's live presentation will be held on April 14 at the Atlas club in Kyiv, Ukraine. Tickets from 250 UAH are available here. This spring, Sinoptik are to kick off tour in Europe and Ukraine.


  1. Until The End
  2. Hitchy's Cave
  3. Holy Smoke
  4. Fields On Fire
  5. Rats
  6. Wreckage

"Fields On Fire" cover


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