​Obiymy Doschu releases album "Son" mixed by Katatonia’s former live guitarist

The Kyiv-based progressive neoclassical rock act Obiymy Doschu presented its second album called "Son" [means "Dream" in Ukrainian]. The release took place on November 17, 8 years after the band’s debut LP "Elehia" release. "Son" was mixed by the British musician and sound producer Bruce Soord, The Pineapple Thief’s leader, who has previously worked with Opeth, Anathema, Tesseract, and Katatonia, with the last one he has also played as a session live guest on "Dethroned & Uncrowned – Unplugged & Reworked" tour in May, 2014.

Obiymy Doschu comments:

"72 minutes, 11 songs, 15 musicians including a string quartet, 10 sound engineers, 200 hours of recording in 7 different studios across 3 cities and more than 8 years since the debut album release. These are pretty unusual numbers for the Ukrainian rock scene, but it only scratches the surface of how much effort, sacrifice and love for real music it took for the band to finish our second album “Son” (“Dream”). It’s 72 minutes of complex, beautiful, poetic rock music with lush string arrangements and progressive rock, neoclassical, neofolk and post-rock elements.

Songs from the album tell a story about the struggle and difficulties a person faces in a modern urbanistic, globalized world, a journey from the lowest point of fall to a free flight, from death to rebirth. “Son” (“Dream”) is a metaphor for life which you don’t fully accept, which you see as an illusion… But “After you wake from it, you will never fall asleep again”.

The album has been mixed by British musician and sound producer Bruce Soord, the frontman of the band The Pineapple Thief, who also worked with such grands of progressive music scene as Opeth, Anathema, Riverside, Tesseract and Blackfield.

Despite how much it cost for us to create this album, we’re sharing it with you for free. In return, we ask you to help us be heard by sharing the album with your friends personally and on social networks, writing a review on your favorite music website, leaving comments and likes. We won’t make it without you."

"Son" tracklist:

  1. Остання мить
  2. Крила
  3. Разом
  4. Темна ріка
  5. Назустріч тиші
  6. Кімната
  7. Інтерлюдія
  8. Сон
  9. Земле моя мила
  10. Новий початок
  11. Янгол

"Son" cover art


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