Nokturnal Mortum re-released the album "The Voice of Steel"

Nokturnal Mortum re-released the album "The Voice of Steel"

The Ukrainian black metal band Nokturnal Mortum released the deluxe re-edition of the album "Голос сталі" ("The Voice of Steel") via their own label Oriana Music. The first release of the record was in December, 2009.

"Голос сталі" is available now on 2CD digipack with huge gorgeous booklet, including original lyrics with English translation and mini-poster.

CD1 ("The Voice of Steel", new mix and mastering):

  1. Intro
  2. The Voice of Steel
  3. Valkyria
  4. Ukraine
  5. My Dream Islands
  6. By Path of the Sun
  7. Sky of Saddened Nights
  8. White Tower

CD2 (bonus section):

  1. Valkyria (early version)*
  2. Valhalla (BATHORY cover)**
  3. Sky of Saddened Nights (early version)*
  4. Nights in White Satin (THE MOODY BLUES cover, with guest vocals by Kristian Wahlin aka Necrolord)*

*previously unreleased
**previously available on “Voices from Valhalla – A Tribute to Bathory" compilation


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