Ignea release surreal video "Şeytanu Akbar" with anti-terrorism message

Kyiv-based oriental metal band Ignea released a video on "Şeytanu Akbar", a song from their new album "The Sign of Faith". According to the press release, with this video, the band appeals to the world with an anti-terrorism message.

Despite the provocative title of the song, Ignea carries the idea of peace. Evgeny Zhytnyuk, composer and author of lyrics:

"What we want to say is that there is no reasonable cause to kill other people, be it regime, faith or moral principles. We mainly speak about islamic terrorism in this song, as one of the social plagues of 21st century, taking lots of innocent lives. However, this applies to every human on Earth, regardless of their religion."

“Şeytanu Akbar” is the first track of the upcoming album “The Sign of Faith”, which comes out on February 16, 2017. The album consists of various songs with both clean vocals and growls, modern sound and authentic middle-eastern melodies, common for oriental metal genre, as well as symphonic elements and arrangements.

At the moment, Ignea are preparing for the album presentation on solo shows and festivals in Ukraine and abroad.

"The Sign of Faith" tracklist:

  1. Şeytanu Akbar
  2. Alexandria
  3. Petrichor
  4. Theatre of Denial
  5. Jahi
  6. Halves Rupture
  7. Last Chosen by You
  8. Alga
  9. How I Hate the Night
  10. Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff Cover)

In 2015, Ignea released the debut video with symphony orchestra.


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