4-5.08.2017 Black Sea Storm: 1914, Nabaath, Daemonium, Deathincarnation, MartYriuM @ Zatoka, Odesa region, Ukraine

4-5.08.2017 Black Sea Storm: 1914, Nabaath, Daemonium, Deathincarnation, MartYriuM @ Zatoka, Odesa region, Ukraine

BLACK SEA STORM is to be held as a part of iconic Metal Heads' Mission festival on the night of 4 to 5 August. Featuring 1914, Nabaath, Daemonium, Deathincarnation, and MartYriuM, the night event is the greatest way to create an appropriate atmosphere as well as to reveal all gloomy power of black metal.

1914, blackened death, doom, sludge metal (Lviv, Ukraine)

1914 dedicates its music to the difficult events of the First World War, combining black metal with death, doom, and sludge metal. During the upcoming BLACK SEA STORM, the band, which performs a stunning show at its every gig, will hold the listeners through the terrible moments of history, masterfully recreating on stage a tense atmosphere of deadly battles.

1914 is a metal act formed in Lviv (Ukraine) in 2014. The band’s music combines black, death, doom, and sludge metal.


"Caught in the Crossfire", single, 2014
"Frozen in Trenches (Christmas Truce)", single, 2014
"Zeppelin Raids", single, 2015
"Eschatology of War", LP, 2015, Archaic Sound
"Ich hatt einen Kameraden", split, 2016, Archaic Sound
"Eschatology of War / Für Kaiser, Volk und Vaterland", compilation, 2016, Mazzar Records
"Für Kaiser, Volk und Vaterland!", EP, 2016

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NABAATH, black metal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The wall of powerful blast beat, sharp guitars, and furious vocals are the main components of NABAATH’s music, which allow critics to appreciate the skillfulness of the band’s members with its every new release. Skillful and superfast parts, cutting air, like a hot steel, will set the right spirit for the whole night of the BLACK SEA STORM event.

NABAATH is a black metal act formed in Obninsk (Russia) in 2002, currently based in Kyiv (Ukraine). The band’s name came from the word "набат" (means "tocsin" in Russian) a signal of danger, disaster.


"Eternal Silent Forest", demo, 2003
"Back of Beyond", LP, 2007, SFC Records
"War Blasphemy!", demo, 2008
"Central-a-Triangle", LP, 2011, Noizr Productions
"Nuclear Satan", single, 2013, Noizr Productions
"Common Graves", LP, 2015, Noizr Productions

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DAEMONIUM, black metal (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine)

The demonic name of DAEMONIUM is well revealed during each of its performances — the band’s frontman Tenebrath, due to his incredibly frightening plastic and flexibility, attracts to the stage astonished and amazed spectators. DAEMONIUM’s shows are also supplemented by gloomy atmospheric music and harsh vocals, performing songs about diabolism, exorcism, occultism, and blasphemy.

DAEMONIUM is a black metal act from Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine), founded in 2011. The band defines its genre as "horror black metal".


"Daemonium", demo, 2012
"Name Me Legion", LP, 2014, Bloodred Distribution

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DEATHINCARNATION, black/death metal (Cherkasy, Ukraine)

DEATHINCARNATION will plunge listeners into a "whirlpool of darkness and ashes, passing on the souls by the steel caterpillars of the blastbits, grabbing a throat with claws of broken riffs and leaving it to fall into the void under the chilling sounds of irreversible rebirth anthems". Meet DEATHINCARNATION for the first time at the MHM!

DEATHINCARNATION is a black/death metal band from Cherkasy (Ukraine), was formed in late 2006 by two brothers, the guitarist/vocalist Konstantin and the drummer Stanislav 'Satason'.


"Deny Myself", demo, 2007
"Hammer A Nail", promo, 2008
"Deny The Lies", LP, 2009, Nocturnus
"Putrid Stench Of Servility", demo, 2009
"Roar From Within", LP, 2011, More Hate Productions
"Visceral Hate", EP, 2012
"Pandemic Blight", LP, 2015, More Hate Productions

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MARTYRIUM, melodic black metal (Luqa, Malta)

The Maltese band MARTYRIUM is to perform at the BLACK SEA STORM during its forthcoming European tour! MHM’s visitors should be waiting for an epic show from one of the most extraordinary metal acts, which features two charming frontwomen. The band’s music is a mix of sinister orchestrations, demonic growl, replaced by a melodic soprano, and gloomy atmospheric black metal. Do not miss the performance of MARTYRIUM at the MHM this summer!

MARTYRIUM is a melodic black metal band, founded in 1999 by the musician Count Mortem in Luqa, Malta.


"Withering in Voluptuous Embrace", LP, 2002, American Line Productions
"The Carnage Lit by Darkness," LP, 2005, American Line Productions
"Awakening the Ancient", LP, 2010, Witchcraft Records
"Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask", LP, 2016, Art Gates Records

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Metal Heads' Mission. Mayak edition will take place on August 2-6 on the Black Sea coast, "Zatoka" resort, in Zatoka, 60 km from Odessa, Ukraine.

Tickets — https://www.concert.ua/eventpage/metal-heads-mission

Pre-sale ticket price for all festival days (including Black Sea Storm and Afterparty):

Before July 1 — 550 UAH (~20 €)
Until July 24 — 600 UAH (~22 €)

Regular ticket price for all festival days (including Black Sea Storm and Afterparty) — 666 UAH (~24 €)
A one-day ticket or a ticket to the Black Sea Storm (sale only at the festival) — 250 UAH (~9 €)
Children under 12 years old accompanied by an adult — Free entrance

Event on Facebook, VK
Official website: http://mhmfest.com/
Black Sea Storm on Facebook, VK


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