Metal Heads' Mission Festival announces complete line-up

Metal Heads' Mission Festival announces complete line-up

The Ukrainian Metal Heads' Mission Festival, which is co-organized this year by the promoters of the Odessa-based Mayak Fest, announces its complete line-up.

45 metal and hardcore bands are to perform at the upcoming MHM fest, including 5 black metal acts who are to rock the Black Sea Storm stage on the night of 4 to 5 August. Also, there will be the fest’s afterparty which participants will be known later.

MHM stage:

Dead Shape Figure — Thrash Metal (Finland)
Cenotaph — Brutal Death Metal (Turkey, Ankara)
Crescent — Black/Death Metal (Egypt)
Raven Woods — Blackened Death Metal (Turkey, Ankara)
Northern Plague — Death/Black Metal (Poland)
Zoofagus — Death Metal (Ukraine)
Schizogen — Brutal Death Metal (Ukraine)
Midgard — Folk Metal/Melodic Death Metal (Ukraine)
Affinity Hypothesis — Brutal death metal (Ukraine)
Re:spawn — Thrash/Death Metal (Ukraine)
Zombie Attack — Thrash Metal (Ukraine)
Bugs Live In My Bed — Deathcore (Ukraine)
Omut — Folk Metal (Belarus)
Exegutor — Grindcore/Hardcore (Belarus)
Endocranial — Brutal death Metal (Ukraine)
Ezophagothomia — Brutal Death Metal (Ukraine)
Concrete Age — Ethnic Thrash/Death Metal (UK)
Revolt — Death Metal (Ukraine)
Intoxicated — Brutal Death Metal (Ukraine)
Fleshgore — Death Metal (Ukraine)
Datura — Brutal Death Metal (Ukraine)
Consecreation — Death/Thrash Metal (Ukraine)

MAYAK stage:

CHALLENGER DEEP (Minsk, Belarus) post metal
TANK-2000 (Kiev, Ukraine) hardcore punk
DEAD LIKE JULIET (Merano, Italy) melodic hardcore
AUTIST (Chisinau, Moldova) hardcore/crossover
REMINDED (Kiev, Ukraine) hardcore
MORBITAL (SPB, Russia) death metal/deathgrind
BLUESBREAKER (Kiev, Ukraine) grunge/punk
Walk Alone (Kishinev, Moldova) hardcore
TOMORROW (Ukraine) 90's hardcore
THE SYMBIOZ (Uzhgorod, Ukraine) hardcore punk/metal
BRAINCOATS (Sweden) punk rock
HELLWEED (Moscow, Russia) groove metal/hardcore
LACK OF LOUD (Sweden) punk rock
KINGPIN (Odessa, Ukraine) hardcore
HOMESICK (Odessa, Ukraine) hardcore punk
SUPPRESSION (Odessa, Ukraine) hardcore
SET ADRIFT (Odessa, Ukraine)90's hardcore
RAGTAG (Odessa, Ukraine) hardcore punk


Deathincarnation — Death/Black Metal (Ukraine)
Daemonium — Horror Black Metal (Ukraine)
Nabaath — Black Metal (Ukraine)
1914 — Blackened Sludge Metal (Ukraine)
MartYriuM — Blackened Death Metal (Malta)



Metal Heads' Mission. Mayak edition will take place on August 2-6 on the Black Sea coast, "Zatoka" resort, in Zatoka, 60 km from Odessa, Ukraine.


Tickets for Metal Heads' Mission can be bought via

Pre-sale ticket price for all festival days (including Black Sea Storm and Afterparty):

Before July 1 — 550 UAH (~20 €)
Until July 24 — 600 UAH (~22 €)

Regular ticket price for all festival days (including Black Sea Storm and Afterparty) — 666 UAH (~24 €)
A one-day ticket or a ticket to the Black Sea Storm (sale only at the festival) — 250 UAH (~9 €)
Children under 12 years old accompanied by an adult — Free entrance

Event on Facebook, VK
Official website:
Black Sea Storm on Facebook, VK


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