​Mick Moss: "I hid myself away from society for years"

Mick Moss: "I hid myself away from society for years"

After some time of real seclusion the leader and in fact the only member of the British project Antimatter Mick Moss talks about the release of his sixth studio album "The Judas Table". The CD, which is already reaching countries one by one in the period from 9th to 16th of October, will force the listeners to perceive the project somehow differently, destroying former opinions about the genre, lyrics and Antimatter in general. The album was released via the German label Prophecy Productions.

"Anybody who has ever suffered from betrayal can relate to this album," Moss says. "The Judas Table" is another conceptual album after "Fear Of The Unique Identity" (2012), revealing the themes of real nasty experiences, betrayal and deceit on the intimates’ part. Pain caused by realizing that all that time you had to share a table with none other than Judas what is smartly said by the CD’s name. Ahead of the release the team of Noizr Zine had a chance to communicate with Mick Moss discussing the ideas for the new melancholic and depressive collection by Antimatter:

"I hid myself away from society for years because I became accustomed to being targeted by people who mistook my empathy for weakness, my humility for naivety. And I guess to some extent I was naïve, because I consistently saw the good in people rather than the sometimes obvious patterns of narcissistic behaviour. I’m a hell of a lot wiser nowadays, and this album asserts some of the observations I have made as well as the empowering conclusions I have come to."

The tracklist of the album is made up of ten thematic compositions, try and check out the new genre directions of the project:

  1. Black Eyed Man
  2. Killer
  3. Comrades
  4. Stillborn Empires
  5. Little Piggy
  6. Hole
  7. Can of Worms
  8. Integrity
  9. The Judas Table
  10. Goodbye

Back in 2007, the records for the album "Leaving Eden" became notable for the appearance of eloquent guitar sound that have changed the electronics. Today the listeners have an opportunity to hear the neofolk and even progressive rock album of Antimatter.

"I started my musical experimentation with electronic-based work, yeah, back in September 1995 when I established my solo project. As my skill set improved both as a vocalist and guitarist I simply included them more in what I was doing, thus the earliest Antimatter work I did were guitar/vocal based songs with a heavy synth vibe," — Mick Moss comments

A guitar is the main instrument: the songs are full of acoustic sound and heavy lowered tune riffs. At the same time the motives of the songs are perfectly completed by melodic keyboards, drums and melancholic violin. Overall atmosphere of the album is accentuated by the character primary and secondary vocals.

Mick Moss: "I wrote all of the songs myself and invited session musicians along to play their respective instruments and bring some of their own characteristics to those tasks."

Duration of the CD is about 57 minutes. Despite the general melancholic mood, every song appropriately follows and changes each other. Thus, the album can be perceived quite easily. An important point is that you can literally feel the emotions of "The Judas Table".

According to the frontman, the recording process mainly took place in the home studio, with the exception of percussion parties that were recorded in Parr Street Studios (Liverpool). By the end of the session Moss and the group of musicians are setting off to the European tour also visiting the capital of Ukraine:

"It’s our first live appearance in Ukraine, so we will try and play as many songs within the time we’ve been given, as I’m sure some of the audience will have been waiting to hear this material live for a very long time!"

Antimatter will appear in Kyiv on the 7th of November following the Doom Over Kiev VII festival.

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By Yuri Somov


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