Pest Webzine, Romania
— 9,5/10

"Listening to such albums reminds me why I love so much the guitar solos and leads in Metal. Arms of War are a quartet from the capital of Belgium founded in 2010 and this is their debut album, a 9 tracks effort totaling 40 minutes of melodic and technical Thrash Death Metal. When I say melodic think of long, intricate and at the same time catchy guitar riffs and leads, very expressive and impressive, but don't think of a mellow music, Arms of War are anything but mellow, this material is fast, aggressive, solid and very mature for a debut album; the excellent production helps a lot, too. Catchy guitar riffs, hoarse vocals but comprehensive and not abrasive at all, occasional subtle keyboard backgrounds, heavy bass lines, and above all good compositions and contagious enthusiasm. One of the best Thrash Death Metal albums I've heard lately, I'll spin this some more and that's what I'd suggest you, too."