Exclusive: Interview with GreyAblaze’s leader and debut self-titled album stream

In early December, Elderblood’s leader and Nokturnal Mortum’s ex-guitarist Astargh is to release the debut album of his new side project GreyAblaze. "GreyAblaze" was recorded in 2013 and, besides Astargh, also featured the drummer Odalv (Elderblood, KZOHH, Ulvegr) and the guitarist Helg (KZOHH, Khors, Ulvegr).

"GreyAblaze" comes out on December 1, 2016, via Ashen Dominion, which previously has released KZOHH’s new LP "Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains". Unlike Astargh’s main band Elderblood, which plays symphonic black metal, his side project is to present a post-black metal album.

In anticipation of "GreyAblaze" release, Noizr Zine presents its full album stream and the brief interview with Astargh.

GreyAblaze is the project that brought together members of Elderblood, KZOHH, Khors and Ulvegr. How did you get the idea of its creation?

Astargh: GreyAblaze is the project of mine, and my friends from the above mentioned bands help me with it. I hadn’t any ideas of its creation, just a certain state of mind which affected the mood of writing material. Helg wrote texts. Odalv recorded drums.

According to the press release, the album recording was finished in 2013. Why did you decide to release it now, three years later?

Astargh: All my attention is focused on my main band Elderblood, so I wasn’t really involved in the project's promotion. I sent some emails to the record labels, but got no decent offers, and I didn’t want to give it indiscriminately to someone.

Tell us about the album recording. Does "GreyAblaze" have any certain story or concept behind it?

Astargh: The recording took place as usual at the Dark Essence Recording Studio. For me, it's pretty trivial process, so there is nothing interesting to tell.

There is no story or concept behind, there are only images which are not associated with each other.

Will be there some shows in the album support?

Astargh: So far, there is no plans, but time will tell.

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