​Video of the day: Live footage of Post-Soviet metal band Cerber

Noizr Zine shares a randomly discovered video titled "Советский Black Metal (1991)" ("Soviet Black Metal (1991)"), a 3-minute 1991’s live footage of the Post-Soviet metal act Cerber.

The video, with a trve 144-240p quality, features the band performing its own track "Битва с Сатаной" ["Battle with Satan" in Russian]. All four members of the band matches their music perfectly — all of them are dressed in black (but in dark blue/gray ripped jeans and with thrash style hairdos), with wide bracelets on their hands and with corpse painted faces. The overall atmosphere is completed by Cerber’s vocalist who waves a scythe during the set.

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The video "Soviet Black Metal (1991)" was uploaded on YouTube in 2012, and at the moment has gained more than 77,000 views.

Cerberus is a black/thrash/death metal act formed in 1991 in Velikiye Luki, Russia. The band lasted from 1991 to 1996, releasing several demos "Битва с Сатаной" and "Дети ада" ["Battle with Satan" and "Children of Hell" in Russian], two live albums and one LP "Врата бездны" ["The Gates of the Abyss"] during that period. Then, being reformed in 2011, Cerberus was again disbanded two years later.

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