​Urgehal release new track feat. Carpathian Forest vocalist

The Norwegian black metallers Urgehal shared the new track "Endetid" from the upcoming album "Aeons in Sodom". The song was recorded with Carpathian Forest’s vocalist Nattefrost, who also wrote the lyrics for the track.

The album "Aeons in Sodom" is decided to Urgehal’s passed away in 2012 vocalist Trond Bråthen (also known as Trondr Nefas). The release of "Aeons in Sodom" is set to February 12 via Season Of Mist. Half of the record material was written by the founder and vocalist Trond Bråthen, the rest by the guitarist Enzifer.

The record also features a lot of guest musicians. Earlier, Urgehal have presented the track "The Iron Children" featured Darkthrone’s musician Nocturno Culto.


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