​Ulver unveil track "Moody Stix" from upcoming album

The Norwegian avant-garde band Ulver shared the track "Moody Stix" from the new album "ATGCLVLSSCAP", which title is an acronym of the twelve zodiac signs.

The new 80-minute album includes twelve tracks recorded during Ulver’s twelve shows in 2014. According to the leader Kristoffer Rygg, "the tour was to be an experiment, kind of loose and scary for a band as 'set in their ways' as us". After the tour was over, the producer and band member Daniel O’Sullivan started to work on multitracks recordings. The release of the group’s twelfth full-length album is expected on January 22 via House of Mythology.


  1. England's Hidden
  2. Glammer Hammer
  3. Moody Stix
  4. Cromagnosis
  5. The Spirits That Lend Strength Are Invisible
  6. Om Hanumate Namah
  7. Desert / Dawn
  8. D-Day Drone
  9. Gold Beach
  10. Nowhere (Sweet Sixteen)
  11. Ecclesiastes (A Vernal Catnap)
  12. Solaris



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