​Tribulation present new video "Strange Gateways Beckon"

The Swedish band Tribulation has released a new video for the song "Strange Gateways Beckon", directed by Gustav Öhman Spjuth.

The track appeared on their last studio album, "The Children of the Night", which was released on April 20 via Century Media Records.

"The Children of the Night" was recorded, mixed and produced by Ola 'Overkill' Ersfjord in several Swedish studios (Studio Gröndahl, Honk Palace, Studio Cobra, Necromantic Studios and The Resting Stone). Mastered by Chris Chris Common at Twin Hills Mastering in El Paso, Texas.

"You shouldn't expect an album filled with blastbeats and double pedals," — Tribulation says: "This record is more back-to-basics, more streamlined but at the same time it sees some of our most strange stuff to date. It's a big album — dark and atmospheric — and is without a doubt a step in our very own direction and our best work so far."

"Most of our lyrics are about the experience of transcending the mundane world as we know it," — the band explain: "They are about approaching the divine, or whatever you choose to call it, and how you go about doing that"


  1. Strange Gateways Beckon
  2. Melancholia
  3. In The Dreams Of The Dead
  4. Winds
  5. Själaflykt
  6. The Motherhood Of God
  7. Strains Of Horror
  8. Holy Libations
  9. Cauda Pavonis
  10. Music From The Other

Limited CD Mediabook bonus tracks:

  1. One Hundred Years (The Cure cover)
  2. Laudanum Dreams

Also listen to: Tribulation's new track "The Motherhood Of God"


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