​Spearhead’s new album "Pacifism is Cowardice" to be out on November 23

On November 23, Invictus Productions will release a new album by British death metallers Spearhead "Pacifism is Cowardice". Above, you can check out the tracks "Of Sun and Steel" and "Wolves Of The Krypteia, We" from the band’s upcoming LP.

According to the press release, Spearhead, a highly respected stalwart of militant death metal since 2005, triumphantly return after seven turbulent years to unleash another installment of elite war-worshiping blackened death metal violence and scorn. Building on the body of work presented in the preceding three albums, Spearhead have honed their sound and crafted their sharpest and most ferocious album to date, surpassing all in intensity and dynamics. This is vicious and pure Metal of Death, forged in the fires of old in the vein of classic Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse, and Vader.the Spearhead music sounds in the spirit of the classic Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse and Vader. Full stream "Pacifism is Cowardice" is available for listening on Decibel.

Pre-order album on CD and LP here.


  1. Duellorum
  2. Of Sun and Steel
  3. Ajativada
  4. Wolves of the Krypteia, We
  5. Violence Revolt Ruination
  6. Hyperanthropos
  7. Degeneration Genocide
  8. The Elysian Ideal
  9. A Monarch to Rats
  10. Khan
  11. Aion (Two Keys and a Lion's Face)
  12. Aftermath

"Pacifism is Cowardice" cover


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