Skyforger dedicate new video "Nekas nav aizmirsts" to 100th anniversary of Latvia’s independence

Latvian pagan/black metallers Skyforger released a new video "Nekas nav aizmirsts" ("Nothing Is Forgotten"), dedicating it to the 100th anniversary of the independence of Latvia.

According to the director of the video, Kristīne Neikena, the main idea of the video is to remind that when it comes to Latvian history, "nothing is forgotten", including the hardships and struggles of the Latvian people throughout the years.

According to a press release, the video tells the story through the eyes of a young woman played by Maija Arvena, a rising Latvian film star. Her character's journey is an emotional and symbolic account of the pivotal moments in the history of a Latvian nation, its birth, hopes, rise, fall and, ultimately, rebirth and strength while national landmarks, nature and events feature in the background.

Skyforger’s vocalist Peter Kvetkovskis comments: "As we celebrate the centenary of Latvia's independence, we want to dedicate this video as an epitaph of sorts to all those whose lives were broken by all the wars and conflicts that have befallen our land, and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, so that future generations could live happily as a free and independent nation. The thing is, history tends to remember only the key figures, including the villains and monsters, while the lives of hundreds of thousands of "ordinary" folks slowly disappear and vanish from the nation's memory… Well, our song is about exactly these people and in their memory!"

"Nekas nav aizmirsts" was taken from Skyforger's album "Old Prussia", which was released in 2015 via Thunderforge Records.

Main pic by Kristaps ĒBERLIŅŠ


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