Second To Sun releases video for new vocal version of track "Me or Him"

The Russian project Second To Sun presented a video for the song "Me or Him" which originally appeared on 2015’s album "The First Chapter". The earlier instrumental version of the composition was re-recorded with the band’s new vocalist Gleb Sysoev (Ultar) who joined Second To Sun in 2017.

According to the group's comment [translated from Russian by Noizr], "Me or Him" tells about the ancient Udmurt curse, the ritual of committing which was suicide, Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi wrote in his work "Мои засечки удмуртским топором" ["My serifs with the Udmurt ax"]: "...The extreme solution of this issue in the old days was a suicide by hanging, committed by an Udmurt man in the yard of his offender. The enemy became forever disgraced, facing numerous trials and becoming bankrupt in the end. And his descendants continued to bear an ill fame of a murderer."

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The song is reported to have been recorded with the Udmurt instrument krez and a number of folk tunes, reconstructed on the basis of hymns of different regions of Udmurtia.


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