​Saturnian Mist: video for the song "Bloodsoaked Chakrament" from new album

The Finnish black metallers Saturnian Mist released a new video "Bloodsoaked Chakrament", directed by the vocalist Santtu 'Zetekh' Kainulainen.

The track appeared on the second full-length album "Chaos Magick", which came out on April 27 via Candlelight Records. The recordings took place at the band members' own Blackvox Studio in 2014.


  1. 612
  2. The Heart Of Shiva
  3. The True Law
  4. Root Of The Coiled Serpent
  5. Chaos Unchained
  6. Third Eye Contemplation
  7. Bloodsoaked Chakrament
  8. Chaos Magick
  9. Voodoo Satan
  10. Martial Theosis
  11. Evoiking God
  12. White Void Of All-Being
  13. Yoga, Hate, Fuck


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