​Rotting Christ and Melechesh appears in comic books

Rotting Christ and Melechesh appears in comic books

The musicians from the bands Melechesh and Rotting Christ are to star in comic books. The first one, dedicated to Rotting Christ’s members, was created by Creamy Rat Studios, the second, featuring Melechesh’s frontman Ashmedi, was done by Metal Depot. More details are provided in the article.

Rotting Christ comics

According to the press release, the 52-page comic book dedicated to the Greek metal band Rotting Christ was written and drawn by longtime fans. The issue will include two stories — one will be satanic, and the other one will be based on the ancient Greek myth. Description of the stories:

"Storming the Heavenly Gates"
After being killed by god our heroes are sent to heaven to get revenge! Angelic blood and guts!

"Wraith of the Cursed"
The band must lift a curse placed on Sakis by the goddess Athena. Filled with mystery and mythical beasts... this book has non-stop action!

In addition to the comics, Rotting Christ fans can also order a T-shirt "Storming the Gates of Heaven" with a one-sided print (limited edition) and a collection of 7 cards with autographs of band’s members (total 200 sets). Also, the recent Rotting Christ’s 7" EP "The Call" is available for 10€ each and can be included in an order. Buy comics and other stuff via Creamy Rat Studios. Shipping orders start on the 8th of May.

Follow the link to see the report from Rotting Christ’s show in Kyiv, Ukraine.

From left to right: Rotting Christ's George Emmanuel (guitars) and Sakis Tolis (guitars, vocals)

Melechesh comic book

This summer Metal Depot will publish a 130-page interactive comic book "Emissary Of The Anunnaki: The Tale Of The Fire King", featuring Melechesh's frontman Ashmedi and the forgotten Sumerian gods, in particular the goddess of War and Passion Ishtar.

It’s reported that work on the comics has been held since the summer of 2017 together with Ashmedi, who has made two trips to Armenia. The upcoming 130-page epic is based on true episodes of Ashmedi's life, as well as some memorable events that happened throughout Melechesh career, with a little bit of interference of dark forces, of course, which are awakened by the music of the band and are ready to unleash chaos on the land of mortals — aka our world.

The interactive part of the graphic novel will allow the readers to have an impact on the story and help the characters make choices in different situations. Also, an audio version will be available, where the readers can hear the dialogues. The protagonist is voiced by Ashmedi himself and the representatives of different generations of rock/metal musicians in Armenia and professional actors as the secondary characters.

According to Ashmedi, it feels strange seeing himself as a drawn character. He compares it to hearing your own voice in a recording and not recognizing it at first.

"To be drawn in a fictional graphic novel – in a different setting – the fantastical, mythological and mystical world of Sumerians, and the whole mythology that you hear in Melechesh songs, to be in it — it's quite fun! First time I saw it, I said 'This is really impressive!" says Ashmedi.

The pre-sales are available through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with early-bird rates and limited edition of special merchandise. Below is "Emissary Of The Anunnaki: The Tale Of The Fire King" teaser from Metal Depot.

Melechesh’s currently latest album "Enki" was released in early 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Melechesh’s frontman Ashmedi at the Metal Depot studio

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