​Rammstein work on 35 new songs

In honor of the fourth concert film "Rammstein: Paris" premiere, the band’s guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe gave an interview to ARD Mediathek, during which they reported about working on new songs.

Richard Kruspe: "We have 35 new songs almost finished. So it's worth the wait. [When everything will be ready] is always the big question. [Laughs]"

Paul Landers added: "There's a great chance of an excellent album to come out. We already have six very good songs!"

"Rammstein: Paris" premiere was held on March 23 in Germany and on March 24 in Austria. In Ukraine, thanks to the band’s local fan club, "Rammstein: Paris" will be shown in the Kyiv’s cinema "Kievskaya Rus" on March 29.

Main photo by Bryan Adams


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