​Pänzer "Fatal Command" second album released

The German thrash metallers Pänzer has released their second album "Fatal Command" today, on October 6, via Nuclear Blast Records. Above, you can check out the video on the new LP’s title track.

Pänzer, formed in 2014, includes vocalist and bassist Schmier, known as the frontman of Destruction and Headhunter, guitarist Herman Frank (ex-Accept, Victory) as well as drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ex-Accept).

Below, there are Pänzer’s tracks "We Can Not Be Silenced" and "Satan's Hollow".


  1. Satan's Hollow
  2. Fatal Command
  3. We Can Not Be Silenced
  4. I'll Bring You the Night
  5. Scorn and Hate
  6. Afflicted
  7. Skullbreaker
  8. Bleeding Allies
  9. The Decline (...And the Downfall)
  10. Mistaken
  11. Promised Land
  12. Wheels of Steel

"Fatal Command" cover


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