​New animated video "Clockworks" by Meshuggah

In honor of the new album "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" release, the Swedes Meshuggah released the animated video for the track "Clockworks". It was produced by Julius Horsthuis.

Earlier, commenting on the new album, the band’s drummer Tomas Haake said:

"Basically, the whole idea of why we chose the title is it kinda connects with the lyrical content of the album. Which is to a fair degree about current events and what you see is going on as far as terrorism today, extremist views on ideals, and religious dogma and the violent implications that you get from being asleep so to speak and not acting/reacting to what is going on in the proper way".

Besides "Clockworks", Meshuggah released the 360-degree lyric video for the song "Nostrum", as well as the track "Born In Dissonance". "The Violent Sleep of Reason" came out on October 7 via Nuclear Blast Records.


  1. Clockworks
  2. Born In Dissonance
  3. MonstroCity
  4. By The Ton
  5. Violent Sleep Of Reason
  6. Ivory Tower
  7. Stifled
  8. Nostrum
  9. Our Rage Won't Die
  10. Into Decay

"The Violent Sleep of Reason" cover

The Violent Sleep Of Reason Meshuggah


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