​Nedal band Okilly Dokilly unveils track from upcoming album

The American heavy metal band Okilly Dokilly, which music is dedicated to the animated character Ned Flanders from the TV series "The Simpsons", released a new track "White Wine Spritzer". The composition appears on the group’s upcoming album "Howdilly Doodilly".

Okilly Dokilly is a band from Phoenix, Arizona, that plays "Nedal" music; a subgenre of metal music themed around the animated character Ned Flanders. All five of the band's members perform dressed as Flanders, and the majority of the lyrics to their songs are quotes of his. The band members go by the names Head Ned, Bled Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned and Stead Ned.

The lead singer, Head Ned, said that Nedal music is "Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk”, references to hardcore punk and crust punk, adding to them the names of characters Bart Simpson and the Clown Krusty.

Okilly Dokilly’s debut EP "Okilly Demos" came out in August, 2015. The release of the new album is scheduled for November 11, 2016.

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