Necrophobic presents new video "Pesta"

The Swedish metallers Necrophobic released a video for the song "Pesta", taken from their latest album "Mark of the Necrogram". The record came out on February 23 via Century Media Records.

Follow the link to read our review of the band’s new release — The cost of nostalgia. Review for Necrophobic’s new album "Mark of the Necrogram".


  1. Mark of the Necrogram
  2. Odium Caecum
  3. Tsar Bomba
  4. Lamashtu
  5. Sacrosanct
  6. Pesta
  7. Requiem for a Dying Sun
  8. Crown of Horns
  9. From the Great Above to the Great Below
  10. Undergången

"Mark of the Necrogram" cover


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