​Mike Patton composed music for new Netflix movie "1922"

Faith No More’s vocalist Mike Patton wrote music for the new film "1922", based on the Stephen King’s eponymous novel. Its premiere took place on October 20 on Netflix.

"1922" movie tells about the crime committed by the father and son, killing their wife and mother, in order to obtain financial benefits, and the ensuing brutal retribution for the deed.

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"1922" is not Patton's first experience as a film composer. Previously, he has also worked on music for the films "The Place Under the Pines", "Crank: High Voltage", "Body of Lies", "Black Hawk Down", etc.

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Faith No More’s latest album "Sol Invictus" was released in 2015. Follow the link to watch the video on one of the LP’s tracks "Cone Of Shame".


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