​Members of Nyss and Morto presents joint project Över

Þórir, the founder of the French group Nyss, and Morto Malduchryst Funus, the vocalist and lyricist, known for his participation in such acts as Morto, Nihilisticon, Derelenismo Occulere, etc., formed a joint project called Över, playing experimental atmospheric depressive black metal.

Above and below — the tracks "Philosophy" and "Will" from the upcoming record of the project, the output of which is planned via Avantgarde Music. The exact release date of the album is unknown yet.

Över is Þórir Nyss (all instruments, choir, production) and 78424331 (vocals, lyrics, concept).

Listen to: Nyss' debut LP "Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)"


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