​Letheria to release its first debut album "Death - Principle" in 20 years

On November 23, Saturnal Records will release the album "Death — Principle" of the Finnish death metallers Letheria. The upcoming record will be the first LP in the band’s 20-year discography.

According to a press release, Letheria hail from Finland, and formed in 1998. Since then, they've released a succession of seven demos, and then three thematic EPs — I Scorn (2010), II Slander (2013), and III Mockery(2014). All have served as crucial, ever-so-patient building blocks for the band's long-overdue debut album.

Above, you can check out one of the tracks of the upcoming album "One Spit of a Thousand Swears". Follow the link to listen to the full stream of the release via Decibel magazine.


  1. Inverted Rapture
  2. Swinelord of Devouring and Fucking
  3. One Spit of a Thousand Swears
  4. Pestchrist
  5. Call The Horns
  6. Death Hand Path
  7. The Kingdom In Coffins of Kings and Gods
  8. Malaria Magdalena
  9. With Tears of Urine You Will Cry His Name
  10. Fire Speaks
  11. Rotting God

"Death — Principle" cover


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