​Lemmy appeared in Grand Theft Auto V

"Lemmy lives forever in our hearts and in Los Santos". The new modification of the legendary video game Grand Theft Auto V was created in honor of Motörhead’s frontman.

Virtual Lemmy rides like hell on his motorcycle, he is involved in street shootings, he smokes, drinks whiskey and he is very popular among Los Santos girls. The creators of the musician worked on the image: the modification icludes Lemmy’s hair and beard, tattoos, clothes and even branded Motörhead T-shirt. The bold rocker is always ready to get his guitar, just one thing that is little off, Lem plays acoustic guitar instead of traditional Rickenbacker bass. The new modification can be downloaded from the GTA V forum.

On the 28th of December 2015, Motörhead’s founder and leader Ian Frazer "Lemmy" Kilmister died after a short battle with the aggressive form of cancer.

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