​Kurt Cobain exhibit destroyed by fire

Last weekend, because of a fire in Aberdeen, Washington, the local Museum of History lost a huge part of its collection, including a whole section dedicated to a Aberdeen native Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana.

The fire broke out on Saturday, June 9, with the alarm call arriving at 9:26 AM. According to Loudwire, the causes of the fire have not yet been determined. Since the disaster happened on the weekend — none of the visitors or museum workers were injured.

"People have come from around the world to see what we had on Nirvana," museum curator Dave Morris told King 5 News. "Then we when they saw the rest of the history they were impressed. There's more to Aberdeen than just Kurt Cobain. This fire is history, so it will be in the record books. And we're going to rebuild and move on, and keep the history preserved. That's my job."

More detailed information about the museum and the exhibition devoted to Cobain can be found here.

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