Korpiklaani present animated parody video "A Man With A Plan"

Due to the beginning of the joint tour with Moonsorrow, the Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani presented the animated video "A Man With A Plan". The band’s new video work is a parody of themselves and their life on the road, in particular, it describes the drummer Matti "Matson" Johansson’s ability to sleep while standing up after drinking all night.

The guitarist Kalle 'Cane' Savijärvi comments: "This song is about our life on the road, the fun side for what we are known for. The lyrics are again also about Matson's planning ahead for his 'good' nights".

The video was created by the RMIT University team, who approached the band with a request to do it. Work on "A Man With A Plan" lasted for 13 weeks with the producers Aaron McLoughlin and Simon Norton.

The song "A Man With A Plan"was taken from the band's latest album "Noita", in support of which the musicians are going to perform in Kyiv on 7 May.

Korpiklaani Moonsorrow Tour


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