​Kilkim Žaibu to celebrate its 20th anniversary on June 21-23

Kilkim Žaibu to celebrate its 20th anniversary on June 21-23

The 20th-anniversary Kilkim Žaibu, an outdoor festival of folk, pagan, and extreme metal music, will be held from 21 to 23 of June (Friday-Sunday) in Varniai, Lithuania.

The 3-day Kilkim Žaibu will take place near Lukstas lakeside, among the fest’s performing acts are Hellhammer, Korpiklaani, Rotting Christ, Deströyer 666, Primordial and others.

The event program will include:

  • June 21 — arrival, bonfires, Baltic folklore, games and ancient dances and waiting for the Sunrise
  • June 22 – folklore groups, demonstrations of ancient fight arts; folk, viking, and pagan metal bands
  • June 23 – strong black, death and thrash metal concert
From the information on Kilkim Žaibu’s website: "Festival-goers already know what to expect – carefully selected both local and international metal music artists, Baltic folk music groups, ancient fight clubs and craftsmen, bonfires and songs until the very morning light."

"There will be a special silent area for tents and guarded car parking place. In near village, there are shops and hotel. There are also plenty possibilities for physical activities – viking football, basketball, volleyball, boat and catamaran rent."

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The cost of tickets for the festival starts from 55 EUR
Buy tickets here: kilkimzaibu.com/en/tickets
More information you can find on the festival's website
Event on Facebook

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