​Gods Tower release video for single "Liar"

The Belarusian metal band Gods Tower presented the music video for the single "Liar". The song presentation is going tol take place on March 25 in club "RE: PUBLIC", Minsk, Belarus.

The band comments: "Free skies – imaginary lies. Imaginary lie — it is when people talk about the events is not what they really were, but how they understand it. One person said that the sky is free; it belongs to everyone, so he was burned at the stake for it. He was imaginary liar, but to understand it, it took centuries to pass. But the sky may belong to only free people, because slaves do not need the sky, slaves are a crowd — it needs bread and circus. They need the auto-da-fe instead of stars. We do not want to once again people burns at the stake, we do not want to go back to the Dark Ages. We need freedom and free people. We need to free the sky!"


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