​Funny grindcore project Anal Trump streams album "That Makes Me Smart!"

Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan and Goblin Cock’s Rob Crow presented their new grindcore project Anal Trump, whose name is a reference to the newly elected President of the USA Donald Trump and the band Anal Cunt. On Saturday, November 5, the duo released the album "That Makes Me Smart!", consisting of 30 songs with a duration from 1 to 18 seconds.

Travis Ryan’s comment:

"Anal Trump is meant to be a funny response to this ridiculous man in a grindcore setting, a genre that gets its sound and values from punk, hardcore and the old days of extreme metal where fans didnt give a shit what nationality you are, what your political stance is. IT'S FUNNY. You know... "HA HA"? Its meant to make people laugh. We're glad most people get it, whether they're for Trump or against him, and are getting a kick out of it.

Wanna get mad at Anal Trump? I don't see how anyone has the energy for that considering the state of the world and the fact that there's so much more to be mad at than 2 dudes who spent a period of a few hours making 3-13 second songs about an orange billionaire."

"That Makes Me Smart!" is reported to be released on 7-inch orange and white vinyl in the limited edition of 300 copies via Attention Deficit Recordings in March 2017.


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