Former Onslaught vocalist facing partial leg amputation

Steve Grimmett, the former member of Onslaught and current vocalist of Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper, faced a partial amputation of his leg due to aggressive infection. The operation took place in South America after the musician felt bad at Saturday night's (January 14) concert in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

According to the singer's wife Millie, Grimmett performed most of the gig sitting down. Below, read the excerpt from her interview with The Metal Voice:

"The band was only ten days into a South American tour when Steve began to feel ill," she said. "He took some tablets thinking it was maybe altitude sickness. However, during the early part of the band's performance, Steve's health went downhill quickly. He was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery to attempt to remove a growing infection on his foot. The following morning, they scanned him and confirmed the infection had spread. He was rushed back into surgery and was told he would at minimum lose a few toes, worst-case scenario his foot. Additional tests were conducted and the infection had again spread. On Wednesday, a decision was made for a third operation; one that resulted in doctors removing Steve's right leg below the knee in order to stop the infection that could, if allowed to spread, take his life."

As a result of Steve's illness, the remainder of Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper's South American tour, held in support of the band’s new album "Walking In The Shadows", has been canceled.

In the latest news, which is currently published on the group's page on Facebook, Millie Grimmett has posted: "I'm sorry to say, tomorrow morning (Wednesday) Steve has to have another operation to remove more of his right leg. The open wound isn't healing properly because of a blocked artery above his knee".

In support of the musician, Tomas Morriello has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

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