​Comedy movie feat. Chthonic members to be premiered this December

The musicians of the Taiwanese heavy metal band Chthonic took part in the filming of a movie called "Tshiong". According to the description, this will be an action rock comedy directed by Wen-tang Cheng, who has a rich experience in producing documentary, short and feature films.

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The premiere of "Tshiong" will be held on December 29 this year. So far this is all the information available at the moment. Above and below — teasers and shots from the upcoming film. "Tshiong" movie on Facebook.

About Chthonic

Chthonic is a heavy metal band, formed in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan. The band’s discography includes 8 full-length albums, the latest of which is "Timeless Sentence" released in 2014 via Spinefarm Records. Chthonic’s frontman Freddy Lim, in addition to his musical career, is also engaged in politics, being an independent activist and founder of the New Power Party.

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