"Bloody fingers": How Black Sabbath's guitarist invented his own style

TV channel VH1 posted the animated video "Fingers Bloody Fingers starring Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath", in which the guitarist talks about how an accident led to his unique way of playing guitar. The video is the first series in "The Complete History Of Heavy Metal".

Tony Iommi recalls how the loss of the fingertips at the plant could completely put an end to his musical career. But the musician inspired by Django Reinhardt, who also had injured hand, the musician has made special fingertips and created his own methods of playing the guitar.

"Of course, losing my fingertips was devastating, but in hindsight it created something," — says Tony Iommi. — “It made me invent a new sound and a different style of playing, and a different sort of music. Really, it turned out to be a good thing off a bad thing."


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