Blackened death band Noctem releases video "A Cruce Salus"

The Spanish blackened death metal act Noctem presented a monochromatic and gloomy video for its single "A Cruce Salus" which was released in May this year. The video included footage from the band's performances at three festivals in Spain — Rock Arena, Resurrection Fest, and Leyendas del Rock.

The band comments:

"'A Cruce Salus' is the last track we composed and a bridge between our latest full-length 'Haeresis' and our upcoming record. We decided to record some of the festivals where we performed this summer to capture the energy of the band in our live show, which is outstandingly fast, ravenous and full of anger."

The group’s currently latest album "Haeresis" was released in 2016.

Upcoming shows by Noctem


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