Batushka: debut album "Liturgia" stream

The Polish black/doom metal band Batushka streamed its debut album "Litourgiya". The release took place on December 4 via Witching Hour Productions. The album is available for order through Bandcamp and on the label’s website.


  1. Yekteníya 1
  2. Yekteníya 2
  3. Yekteníya 3
  4. Yekteníya 4
  5. Yekteníya 5
  6. Yekteníya 6
  7. Yekteníya 7
  8. Yekteníya 8

"Litourgiya" cover

Batushka Litourgiya

Batushka "Litourgiya" Limited WoodBox CD

Batushka Litourgiya


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