​Archgoat to celebrate its 30th anniversary on September 28 with gig in Paris

Archgoat to celebrate its 30th anniversary on September 28 with gig in Paris

Servants Of Chaos, the event which is dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Finnish black metal band Archgoat, will be held on September 28 in Paris.

The organizers of the event, the band’s label Debemur Morti Productions and the booking agencies Garmonbozia Inc., say the following, "In order to properly celebrate Archgoat's 30-year journey, Debemur Morti Productions and Garmonbozia Inc. are setting up a special evening featuring bands that have contributed to the history of the label. Archgoat will play an extended set including songs that haven't been played live since 2004, as well as live premieres! Temple Of Baal, who contributed the track "Dead Cult" on the split with Aosoth released back in 2008, will spread the flames of Baal. To kick off this evening 'Dans La Joie', Au Champ Des Morts will perform their unique blend of French Black Metal. In order to make this "Servants Of Chaos" event even more memorable, the new Blut Aus Nord album will be premiered and available to purchase on the night!"

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Tickets from € 27.5 can already be ordered at the link.
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