​Apocalyptica leader creates music based on Finnish DNA

The cellist and composer Eicca Toppinen, a leader of the Finnish metal act Apocalyptica, wrote music based on DNA samples collected by geneticists throughout Finland. The song, entitled "The Symphony Of Extremes", became a part of the "The Symphony Of Extremes — Born From Finnish DNA" campaign, organized by Visit Finland in honor of the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence.

"Finland is a nation of extremes and strong contrasts — in our seasons, nature and people," Visit Finland's Paavo Virkkunen explains. "Authenticity is a major trend in tourism and travellers are especially interested in stories and local lifestyles. The campaign combines all this into a fascinating true story of science and art."

"The Symphony Of Extremes — Born From Finnish DNA" follows the composition process, from gathering the DNA samples to the final premiere. The Finnish icons behind the DNA are also part of the campaign.

"The symphony is a symbol of diversity as well — our travel destinations range from idyllic Lakeland and Archipelago to the urban beat of Helsinki and the Arctic spell of Lapland," Visit Finland's head of marketing Heli Jimenez says.

According to the organizers of the campaign, they tried to convey the contrast of Finland and its inhabitants, who are distinguished not only by lifestyles, but also by musical tastes. Visit Finland tried to penetrate the national character of the Finns by examining its heritage and culture and turning the Finnish genotype into music.

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The campaign closely follows the creative process and highlights a group of noteworthy people behind the genes, each of whom exhibit some extreme and distinctively Finnish trait, such as "sisu", their unique grit, or a strong bond with the Arctic.

A number of professionals at the apex of their fields were also brought together, including Jonathan Middleton, visiting professor at the University of Tampere who has developed a program that can create sounds from the base pairs found in DNA, as well as Eicca Toppinen.

In addition,The Symphony Of Extremes features people whose "unique and personal stories inspire international audiences and also draw attention to the mysterious wonders of Finland", among them are extreme freediver Johanna Nordblad; Tinja Myllykangas who lives with dozens of dogs in the wilderness of Lapland; and a group of children living in the extreme conditions of outer Finnish Archipelago. To reach more information about the project "The Symphony Of Extremes — Born From Finnish DNA" click here.


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